Welcome to my blog. It’s all about the strategic use of video for medium to large enterprises. With the growth of social media and the explosion of online video, creating videos that rise above the clutter is crucial.

In my professional career, I’ve seen our customers put a wide variety of effort in planning and creating a message for their videos. Some have thoroughly thought out who the audience is, how to reach them and have a clear message ready to go, others call up and say: “I need a safety video yesterday!”

“Ready, fire, then aim” is never a good plan when your reputation is at stake. There should always be time alloted to asking “who, what, where, when, why and how” in the context of how the video fits with your organizational goals and how you connect with your stakeholders. When these questions are asked and time, scope and money for the project are defined, then videos can really hit the mark.

Every word and every shot counts. There most certainly is a craft and a “language” in creating great video and that’s what my team and I do every day. This blog is intended to invite an ongoing dialogue about the ways you want to use video and the ways we can support you in doing so.

I welcome your comments and feedback.

Neil Scott, President, The Edge Communications Inc. and Strategic Video for Business Inc.