We Use Technology and Creativity to Bring Ideas to Life.


Organized, Skilled and Well Equipped crews.

Every job has its own custom requirements and our staff will walk you through all of the options. All shoots include one hour of production coordination at no charge.

Guaranteed to be Done Right.

Often, there are no second chances to record an event. For over 25 years we’ve been delivering great videography to our customers. Whether your shoot is a two minute speech, a tv commercial or involves locations throughout the world, we’re ready.
Marketing Video

300 hrs of Video is Uploaded to YouTube Every Minute

How will you stand out?

Who is your audience? What is important to them? These are some of the questions we’ll ask to make a video that propels your audience to the next level of engagement.
Corporate Communications

We’re a Skilled Part of your Communications Team

Video needs to work as a component of your existing communications and branding. We have strategies for the creation of internal video versus external video communications. We also have clear insights on how to implement an enterprise-wide solution for the creation and use of video.
Training / Education

Engage Staff and Students. Save on Travel Expenses.

Leverage our technology to take the classroom to your staff and students. We help you create great learning outcomes cost-effectively and with maximum engagement. Go live with your training or use the power of storytelling with Video on Demand.
Live Video / Web Casting

Reach Out and Connect…Live.

Reach out and connect with your employees, stakeholders, customers or shareholders and overcome the barrier of multiple locations and distances. Bring people together where they can share and interact in a way that engages and entertains by broadcasting your event or presentation with a video webcast from The Edge.
Broadcast News

There Are No Second Chances….

When it’s live or only happens once, you need it done right. We’ve filmed TV news and sports for over 25 years. Our crews have in-depth broadcast experience and get great results.
TV Commercials

Where Creativity Meets Preparation.

You have 30 seconds to leave a strong impression. Our writers, directors and cinematographers make your message clear and convincing to drive awareness and sales.

Contact Info

The Edge Communications Inc:
#101, 5240 1A Street S.E.
Calgary, Alberta. Canada
T2H 1J1
(403) 277-3893

News & Insights

How To Interview for TV, Corporate Videos and Documentaries

  A little planning and creative thinking helps you get great video interviews. When you click on a link to watch a video, what keeps you watching? Think about that for a moment. Is it the subject matter? Is it the way the story was told? A very common way to...
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How to Hire a (Good) Videographer

Several years ago I was asked to film the president of a large energy company. I was told by his PR rep: “By the way, he doesn’t like video.” I guessed that she wasn’t keen about the idea of the video shoot either. “Why”, I asked. “He’s tired of video crews taking way...
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Leverage Your Brand by Entertaining Your Audience

Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a thing about cars.  My family will tell you that as a kid I would constantly play with toy cars, sing about cars and be captivated by cars. Racing and sports cars remain a true passion for me and I still have a particular weakness for...
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Webcasts Not Worth Watching

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I bailed. A few weeks back, I signed up to view a webcast on a topic I was very interested in. I tried really hard to watch it and to be engaged....but five minutes was all I could handle. What could possibly have been so bad?...
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Become a Video Production Expert in 2 Hours?

For a few weeks now, I’ve been receiving e-mails from a well-known PR consultant promoting the idea that anyone can become a video-production expert in just two hours. Consumer-level video cameras and editing software have become increasingly affordable and...
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Stop and Consider These Questions Before Any Video Production! Part 2 of 2

In my last blog, I walked readers through some of the important questions every company should ask before beginning to make a business video. If you missed that one, click here to read Part 1 of Stop and Consider These Questions Before Any Video Production! With this...
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Stop and Consider These Questions Before Any Video Production! Part 1 of 2

Let me paint a scenario for you. It’s Monday morning. You’re excited to be at work today because you have an exciting new project to lead. You’ve been put in charge of creating a new video for your organization. Where to begin? Whether or not you’ve guided a video...
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Creating Video for Social Media

Developing your business message for a new medium can seem daunting at first. I remember how strange it felt to write my first Twitter message, restricted to just 140 characters. It was almost embarrassing to refer to my message as a “tweet.” As professional...
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Video Webcasting in Action at Calgary’s “Let’s Talk Hockey” Fundraiser – A Video Blog

Video webcasting can be an exciting option for delivering a live event to your desired audience. The Edge Communications recently took its video webcasting production services on location at the "Let's Talk Hockey" fundraiser in Calgary. [video type="vimeo"...
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How Video Can Be Your Ally in the “Court of Public Opinion”

Once upon a time, corporate communicators prepared thoughtful messages and delivered them to their stakeholders through one-way channels: in printed brochures, through faxes, on static websites. In this golden age, customers didn’t talk back when we sent out press...
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5 P’s of Corporate Video Strategy

Video today is one of the most powerful communication tools available to any business. It can be an ideal medium for conveying corporate messages to both internal and external stakeholders if—and this is a critical “if”—the creation and end use of that video is guided...
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20 Strategic Ways to Use Video for Business: Part 2 of 2

This blog post is Part 2 of an extended list of ways that creative organizations may choose to use corporate video. Click here to read suggestions #1-10 in 20 Strategic Ways to Use Video for Business: Part 1. 11. Messages from Management: Video makes it possible for...
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20 Strategic Ways to Use Video for Business: Part 1 of 2

Corporate video production is a very interesting business. As a video producer, I get a front-row seat on how people do their jobs, how a wide variety of businesses work and the unique types of cultures that companies form over time. Because each company has unique...
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What’s Your Strategy for Video?

Welcome to my blog. It's all about the strategic use of video for medium to large enterprises. With the growth of social media and the explosion of online video, creating videos that rise above the clutter is crucial. In my professional career, I've seen our customers...
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