The author at racing school

Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a thing about cars.  My family will tell you that as a kid I would constantly play with toy cars, sing about cars and be captivated by cars. Racing and sports cars remain a true passion for me and I still have a particular weakness for the fast ones.

Videos that tap into a shared passion can be powerful in bringing customers to relate more closely with an organization’s brand. From a marketing perspective, branded-entertainment videos are designed to entertain while the brand takes the back seat (so to speak).  It’s an unconventional way to put an organization’s services and products in front of the customer. It is powerful nevertheless, because you’re connecting your brand to a great story that connects with the most powerful passions your viewers have, like a passion for cars.

Through my involvement in car clubs and car shows I’ve learned that many classic car owners are business owners or hold executive management roles in their organizations. They are key decision makers.  With the concept of branded-entertainment and our target audience in mind, we decided to create a branded-entertainment video for The Edge.

The classic sports car I currently own, and the star of our video is a 1972 Jaguar E-Type coupe. Enzo Ferrari called it “The most beautiful car ever made.” It’s sleek and powerful.  And as Austin Powers would say: “It’s shagadelic baby!” We want the viewers of this video to connect the value proposition of this car to the value proposition of working with my company, The Edge.

This video has been one of the most organically shared videos we’ve made to date. To see how we captivated car lovers, you’ll have to watch the video. If you like it, share it!