The Edge Producer Ron Heinz (left) looks over the script with Jon Pernul, Senior Designer from SMART Technologies, on location during a shoot at a Calgary school.


The Edge Communications is the company name, but Strategic Video is what we do.

"Ready, fire, then aim" is a risky strategy when your business reputation is at stake. A successful video, regardless of the size of the production, begins with a focus on strategy long before shooting the first scene. It starts by establishing a clear message for a specific intended audience. And it starts with informed questions to determine the project scope and the resources you’ll need—time, people and money.

With the growth of social media and the explosion of online video, it’s crucial to create videos that rise above the clutter. With a solid strategy in place before production starts, you can ensure that every word and every shot counts—and every dollar is well spent.

You can find us on You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook under the handle – StrategicVideo.



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